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Ephedrine Hcl

Benefits of Ephedrine

Ephedrine is a natural derivative of the Ephedra Sinica plant.  Ephedrine has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a bronchial dilator and general lung tonic.
Ephedrine is also known for its powerful weight loss effects.  Ephedrine helps increase fat loss by working on various levels.
Ephedrine is a potent appetite suppressant.  Ephedrine helps stimulate the brain into sending signals to the body that it is full.  As such, cravings are easily controlled and portion sizes minimized.
Ephedrine also helps with weight loss by working as a thermogenic.  What this means is that ephedrine has the power to slightly raise the body’s core temperature.  This in turn speeds metabolic processes.
As the body heats up so too do the fires of the metabolism.  The metabolism processes fat and when it is in overdrive through the process of thermogenesis, more calories are burned at every minute.  This obviously speeds weight loss and makes dieting a good deal more effective.
Ephedrine also has energy boosting effects.  Ephedrine is a stimulant which means that it raises your core energy level.
Energy boosting effects are particularly important when you are dieting and trying to work out.  Diets can sometimes leave you feeling lethargic, but with ephedrine’s energy enhancing benefits you can more easily keep up with your daily routine, including tough training sessions at the gym.
As mentioned above, ephedrine was originally used as a bronchial dilator for the treatment of asthma and various other lung disorders.  The dilation effects of ephedrine are however also incredibly useful for boosting muscle power.
As a vasodilator, ephedrine helps deliver more oxygen to your muscles with every pump.  This in turn makes every workout more effective.  The more oxygen that reaches your muscles through the blood stream, the more power you have.  This with the addition of ephedrine’s ability to increase focus and stamina will have you working harder and better than you otherwise could.
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